Event sales consultancy – what is the deal?

Event sales consultancy – what is the deal?

What is consultancy?

I do some event sales consultancy, mostly for venues in Surrey and Hampshire that are trying to make a change. Lots of hotels have a wealth of experience and don’t necessarily need advice. But venues eg Golf Clubs or Rugby clubs that are trying to tap into a new market or trying to streamline their packages need a bit of specific experience in this field. I do competitor research for them and advise them on the best way to move forward. I can recommend marketing strategies that have been tried and tested, and help build profitable event packages.


When would you hire a consultant?

When do you know that it is time to seek external help? Usually if you find yourself looking at competitor website whilst scratching your head, or if you are frantically googling things you don’t understand. We are all experts in specific fields. General Managers are excellent at running a business and managing large teams, whereas I know how venues price events and what sells easily. I also know what doesn’t sell, and that’s not something you want to use trial and error to learn yourself.


Is sales constancy expensive?

No! You are paying for advice, and advice has no overheads. So, you are only paying for the time and research you need for your business.

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